VHF/UHF Digital Voice Modes Presentation

There was more interest in the VHF/UHF Voice Digital Modes than the Ham Ham HF Digital Modes so I’m doing them out of order.

***Update:  Here are some practical notes for a user trying to use his or her new D-Star, Fusion or DMR radio:

First of all, D-Star, Fusion and DMR can all work as stand-alone repeaters (with or without internet connectivity).

To utilize their internet connected capabilities:


D-Star (ICOM)

You must first register your call sign. To register your call sign:


http://www.dstarusers.org/repeaters.php (to find your nearest D-Star repeater)


Yaesu Fusion

No registration required. To start using Yaesu Fusion (which is connected to others using WIRES-X), just tune your radio to the nearest Fusion repeater (Node) (with WIRES-X) and connect to a room.

To find active Nodes and Rooms:




You must first register and get a “subscriber ID”. First determine the network your nearest DMR repeater is on, then:

DMR-MARC: https://www.dmr-marc.net/ “Register ID” tab, then “User Registration” button

Brandmeister: https://brandmeister.network/?page=register and fill in the form

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