Tech Talk

APRS Presentation (pdf) by Dave Luchak KL7BX

APRS Slideshow (pps) by Dave Luchak KL7BX

Hamshack Hotline by Ross Bennett KI5SR

Amateur Radio in Context by Ross Bennett KI5SR

Antenna Tuning (YouTube Video) Jerry Ritchie WA5OKO

History of PK-232 by Tom Wilbeck N5KGN

HSMM-MESH by Gary Lewis W5GL

RF Human Exposure by Tom Wilbeck N5KGN

Cross Band Repeat (CBR) by Gary Lewis W5GL

Emergency Communications by Gary Lewis WG5L

D-Star Repeater and DHAP by Gary Lewis WG5L

Digital Modes & FiDigi by Gary Lewis WG5L

QSL Cards by Rhett Pilcher KG5NWI