Radio-Direction Finding presentation by KL7BX

Dave Luchak of station KL7BX was kind enough to pass along his presentation files for his recent presentation Fundamentals of Radio-Direction Finding (RDF); Otherwise known as “Fox-Hunting.”

Dave’s presentation included some excellent statistics and tables, and the word “Fundamentals” in the title rather undersells how splendidly wide-ranging the presentation is. There’s more here than just “point and look at the signal strength.”

There are three files below, each with the same content.  The PPSX is the Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 format, the PPS is the Microsoft Powerpoint 97/2003 format. For the folks who are unable to view Powerpoint files (or prefer not to download application files), there’s a PDF version as well.

Thanks, Dave!

0 – RDF Fundamentals & Techniques – PPT 2007 by KL7BX

0A – RDF Fundamentals & Techniques – PPT 97 – KL7BX


2 thoughts on “Radio-Direction Finding presentation by KL7BX

  1. Dave,
    Great job of explaining the Fox Hunting process.
    I appreciate the work and research you put into your presentation.
    Your technical explanations and direction finding antenna examples added clarity for me on this aspect of our hobby.
    Thanks much,
    Ron W2RLC

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