LETARC Field Day Updates

LETARC Members:

Mims VFD new building is no where ready for Field Day activities and to wait until the next meeting to discuss alternatives is much too late since that is literally the 11th hour. During a visit there yesterday to put up the new antenna on the tower, we discovered the framing inside the building is mostly complete, electrical wiring is about 20% complete, no air conditioning, no sanitary facilities, no water. The only thing complete was a shell of a building that was hotter than an oven.

The Mims VFD is most likely one or two months away before the building is ready for occupancy. It would be nothing but a sweat box to meet there next week.

Tyler ARC has been gracious in extending an invitation to LETARC to participate with them. Given the situation with the radio room and nothing else planned as an alternative site, teaming up with the TARC is the best option. The LETARC Board Members feel this is the best thing to do since time is running out for us to do anything. It would be much too complicated to hash out other arrangements via email and not everyone will agree.
So with this being said, I need to get a head count from LETARC members who would like to participate with the Tyler ARC. At this time I do not know what they will need from us if we participate. My guess is that they will need help setting up, maybe cook hamburgers, provide some of the food, cleanup, etc. The sooner we find out who wants to participate, the better since the Tyler Club needs to be informed.

Directions to get to the Tyler ARC Field Day location are found on their web site TYLER ARC under the site’s calendar. The LETARC calendar needs to reflect this change of events.

John – KG5LWD

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