From humble beginnings…

On the plus side, the photos of sandwiches and coffee are largely absent from the website now. Things are a bit Spartan at the moment. A bit of color and glitz will be along in due course.

The club events calendar is hopping, though, so it seemed best to get the current events online soonest.

2 thoughts on “From humble beginnings…

  1. I am looking into what it takes to become a license ham operator, but I don’t see any information about this on your site. I live in the Gladewater area. Looking for a friend to help with this process. Any comments welcomed.

  2. Jerry,
    This is a brand new web site. It’s just getting started. Info like how to get started in ham radio is most likely forth-coming. For starters, the monthly “2:00 LeTourneau ARC/LETARC VE Testing @ LeTourneau University” is where ham radio tests are given. Pass the technician test and you get a call sign. In the mean time, show up at a “9:00 am LETARC Meeting @ Longview Fire Department Training Center” and meet some hams who can help guide you. Guy/WB5UAA

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