East Texas VHF/UHF Repeater List

*Updated 18 Feb 2018.  In the interest of posting accurate *and* complete information, I’m still waiting on a clarifying email response on an active Yaesu System Fusion repeater (with WIRES-X). I’ll update the list when I get that information confirmed. ALSO, just a heads-up:  Plans are in the making for another 70cm Fusion repeater (no WIRES-X) in Lakeport, a 220Mhz analog repeater in Longview, a DMR repeater in Kilgore and a 6 meter repeater in Kilgore. I’ll update the list when I can verify they’ve gone live.  And of course, send me an email via “my call sign” AT arrl DOT net if you have any corrections or additions and I’ll keep it updated.


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