D Star

The New ICOM ID-5100A – Initial Impressions

Posted on 05/10/2014 by wg5lFor those who know me well, it goes without saying that I love new technology and electronic gadgets. Despite rumors to the contrary, I don’t always get the latest thing that comes out. However, I have been intrigued by ICOM’s …Continue reading →Posted in D-StarHome_SliderTechnical

Successful Repeater Tower Workday

Posted on 03/29/2014 by wg5lMany thanks to the following folks for helping us install a UHF antenna and reposition an existing feed line for our new UHF B module for the K5LET DSTAR repeater, today: Van Bullock – AA5VB Gene Coldwell – WB5CTQ (Tyler) …Continue reading →Posted in D-Star

D-STAR UHF (B) Module Has Arrived

Posted on 03/28/2014 by wg5lOur D-STAR UHF (B) module has arrived from ICOM. We are still waiting on a frequency allocation/coordination from the frequency coordinator in order to program the module. However, on Saturday, March 29th, we will have a tower work day to …Continue reading →Posted in D-Star

K5LET D-STAR Repeater Range

Posted on 03/01/2014 by wg5lHere is the latest on the K5LET D-STAR Repeater. Thanks to Jerry Ritchie (WA5OKO), we now have the repeater tuned and the results are just fantastic!�THANK YOU, JERRY! You outdid yourself, once again! I also want to thank Jim Rogers …Continue reading →Posted in D-StarHome_Slider | Tagged d-star

K5LET D-STAR Repeater Update

Posted on 02/26/2014 by wg5lJust an update on the new D-Star repeater K5LET. We are still in shakedown mode and we still need to do some tuning. It appears to be a little hard of hearing on the receive side. Transmit seems to be …Continue reading →Posted in D-Star | Tagged d-star

K5LET D-STAR Repeater Now Operational

Posted on 02/26/2014 by wg5lThe K5LET D-STAR Repeater is now operational. We still have a few things to do inside the cabinet and some programming to do related to autolinking for nets, announcements, etc� but we are now on the air here in Longview. …Continue reading →Posted in D-Star | Tagged d-star

K5LET D-Star Repeater

Posted on 02/26/2014 by wg5lThe club repeater equipment is currently on order and should be here by the end of December or early January. The repeater will be located just east of Longview on Dean Patterson’s (KE5AVH) tower. Our estimate at this point is …Continue reading →