Successful Repeater Tower Workday

Many thanks to the following folks for helping us install a UHF antenna and reposition an existing feed line for our new UHF B module for the K5LET DSTAR repeater, today:

  • Van Bullock – AA5VB
  • Gene Coldwell – WB5CTQ (Tyler)
  • Terry Johnson – KG5WO
  • Gary Lewis – WG5L
  • Jerry Ritchie – WA5OKO
  • Jim Rogers – N5VGQ
  • Roy Sherow – WJ5Z (Tyler)
  • and most of all, our intrepid tower climber… Tom Wilbeck – N5KGN !


The Workers










The Supervisors and Photographer (just kidding!)










The Results










The two D-STAR antennas are on the very top. The VHF antenna is at the very top, with the UHF antenna is just below it. We were also able to rack the UHF RF module and the UHF duplexers. With the possible exception of a backup battery, we don’t think too much more can be squeezed into this cabinet!

All that is needed now is the frequency allocation from the frequency coordinator, to do the interconnecting cabling between the feed line, duplexers, and the new UHF RF module, and to perform the final tuning.

We will let everyone know the frequency when we receive it and when this module is on the air.

Thanks to everyone who gave additional donations and worked so hard to make all this happen!!

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