D-STAR UHF (B) Module Has Arrived

Our D-STAR UHF (B) module has arrived from ICOM. We are still waiting on a frequency allocation/coordination from the frequency coordinator in order to program the module.

However, on Saturday, March 29th, we will have a tower work day to install the UHF antenna and reposition the existing feed line to be used for this portion of the repeater. We need as many as can come to help with the ground crew. Tom Wilbeck (N5KGN) will do the tower climb. We will start at 9 AM at Dean Patterson’s property where the repeater is located.

Concurrently, Jerry Ritchie (WA5OKO) has tested out the UHF duplexers. Once we have the antenna and feed line in place and the frequency allocated, we will just need to program the module, install it, make some slight configuration adjustments on the gateway, and do final RF tuning.

As soon as we have the frequency finalized, we will let everyone know so they can program their radios.

With the addition of the UHF (B) module, this will give us added flexibility in managing the entire K5LET D-STAR repeater. It will also give us equal capability with Tyler in supporting the area for D-STAR.

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