K5LET D-Star Repeater

The club repeater equipment is currently on order and should be here by the end of December or early January. The repeater will be located just east of Longview on Dean Patterson’s (KE5AVH) tower. Our estimate at this point is that this location and antenna height should allow us to close the D-Star VHF RF gap between Tyler and Shreveport.

The K5LET Repeater will eventually operate on 147.060 with a positive offset of 600 Khz.

The gateway for the repeater is currently operational and is on the Internet. It is currently perma-linked to Reflector 4B, the Texas Interconnect. While this will not be our eventual standard operation, it currently allows those with DVAP or DV Dongles and GMSK Hotspots to link to the K5LET repeater gateway directly.

In addition to the current non-RF access, new D-Star users can perform their registrations on the gateway. If you have previously registered on Tyler’s gateway (W5ETX) or another gateway, please do NOT re-register on K5LET.

This section of the LETARC website will be updated as we get further down the D-Star road. But until then, the four most important links for the K5LET repeater are as follows:

K5LET Repeater Information Page

K5LET Gateway Status

K5LET Gateway Sync Status

K5LET Gateway Registration


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