K5LET D-STAR Repeater Update

Just an update on the new D-Star repeater K5LET. We are still in shakedown mode and we still need to do some tuning. It appears to be a little hard of hearing on the receive side. Transmit seems to be ok. Jerry Ritchie will be helping us to determine where the issue may be.
As a way to spur interest and for everyone to get a flavor for the various nets, I have setup a schedule on the gateway for automatic linking to various reflectors, as follows:
0600-1400 – Linked to REF004B (Texas Interconnect)
1400-0559 – Unlinked
Sunday Evenings
2000-2030 – Linked to REF033B (K5TIT D-Star Net)
Tuesday Evenings
1930-2000 – Linked to REF048B (AR-LA-TX D-Star Net)
2000-2030 – Linked to REF004B (Texas D-Star Net)
2030-2100 – Linked to REF058B (Alabama D-Star Net)
Thursday Evenings
2100-2130 – Linked to REF055A (New Mexico D-Star Net) 
This is also to help us determine if we want to operate the repeater in largely and unlinked mode or permalinked to REF004B (except for the nets that are not on REF004B).
As we learn more, we will pass it on. But, any feedback from our D-Star users in the area on range/coverage starting sometime next week when we hopefully get this RF issue resolved, would be appreciated.

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