K5LET D-STAR Repeater Now Operational

The K5LET D-STAR Repeater is now operational. We still have a few things to do inside the cabinet and some programming to do related to autolinking for nets, announcements, etc… but we are now on the air here in Longview.
We will be performing some range testing over the course of the next week to see what the coverage is for mobiles. In particular, we want to see how close we come to closing the gap between Tyler and Shreveport.
We started collecting donations for this back in the late summer of last year, got the equipment ordered in November, and we took delivery of the last piece of equipment just yesterday. So, we wasted no time in getting it racked and on the air.
I want to thank all of the folks who donated, who worked on our various repeater site workdays, and in general, supported this project in all the ways you have!
If you are not on D-STAR, it is a great mode to operate on! Come join us!
If you are on D-STAR… ENJOY!
Gary Lewis – WG5L
Vice President, Longview East Texas Amateur Radio Club
P.S. – We will be having a class on D-STAR operations and programming soon. So, stay tuned!

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