LETARC Now Has 501c3 Designation

After almost a year, we received word from the IRS at the end of March that we have been approved for 501c3 designation. What this means is that we can now offer donors tax-deductibility for their donations to LETARC. This opens up more avenues for the club to potentially fund special projects and equipment acquisitions. LETARC’s main source of funding primary club operations and monthly expenses will still be through its memberships dues.

Obtaining this designation was really intended to be a capstone on top of all of LETARC’s 25th anniversary events last year, but it got delayed a few months into this year.

This is a big milestone for the club and we wish to express our gratitude to Todd Hoover (N5TJH) and our Secretary/Treasurer, Terry Johnson (KG5WO) for their perseverance in putting together all the necessary documentation and answering the IRS’s questions.


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